Embrace your smile.

Embrace your life!

At Embrace Orthodontics, we provide personalized care to determine which treatment option is right for you.

Why Choose Us

Our goal at Embrace Orthodontics is to create beautiful, healthy smiles for our patients that will be valued for a lifetime!

First Visit

Dr. Kalakech will conduct a thorough clinical orthodontic examination and explain all aspects of treatment herself.

Advanced Technology

We utilize the latest in orthodontic technology. Cutting-edge procedures, techniques, and equipment help us treat orthodontic issues.

ABO Embrace Orthodontics Cibolo, TX

Embrace Orthodontics in Cibolo, TX

At Embrace Orthodontics, our mission is to provide the highest standard of orthodontic care utilizing cutting-edge technology and customized treatment plans in a warm, nurturing environment. Dr. Dima Kalakech (Dr. K) has been creating smiles for patients of all ages since 2004.

We Are A Certified Invisalign Provider

Our family-owned and operated practice offers individualized orthodontic treatment for children, teens and adults. Our suite of treatment options include:

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At Embrace Orthodontics, we strongly believe that an early evaluation and possible intervention at age 7 & up, can favorably influence a child’s jaw development, and guide teeth to desirable positions. For this reason, The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a check-up with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7. Dr. Kalakech can easily detect a dental or bite problem, and will help determine the best time for your child to be treated. Dr. Kalakech named her office “Embrace Orthodontics,” based on her strong belief that embracing life, starts by embracing your smile. Dr. Kalakech and her team are excited to assist you on this journey. They are looking forward to giving you something to smile about!

Embrace your smile. Embrace your life.

Meet Dr. Kalakech Embrace Orthodontics Cibolo, TX

Meet Dr. K

Dr. Dima Kalakech (Dr. K) is a Board Certified Orthodontist. She believes that to embrace life, you must embrace your smile. She has been creating beautiful smiles for her patients since 2004. Dr. K is a specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. She provides excellent services and care to each and every patient in a conscientious and caring manner.

Dr. K and Dr. Chuck at Embrace Orthodontics Cibolo, TX
Early treatment Embrace Orthodontics Cibolo, TX
Smile by Dr. K

Early Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment can guide erupting teeth into a more favorable position, preserve space for permanent teeth, and reduce the likelihood of fracturing protruded front teeth. If early treatment is indicated, Dr. Kalakech can guide the growth of the jaw and incoming permanent teeth. 

Adolescent Treatment

Between the ages of 11 and 15 is the most common time for orthodontic treatment, and for good reasons. By 12, most if not all of the permanent teeth have erupted and are in place, and crooked teeth, gaps and bad bites can easily be detected. These problems will hardly ever correct themselves, so this is when most parents decide to seek orthodontic treatment.

Teen treatment Embrace Orthodontics Cibolo, TX
Smile by Dr. K
Smile by Dr. K
Adult treatment Embrace Orthodontics Cibolo, TX

Adult Treatment

Orthodontics is not just for children and teens. In fact, 1 in every 5 patients in orthodontic treatment is an adult. No one is too old for orthodontic treatment. Adults seek orthodontic treatment for many of the same reasons as children. Some adults had orthodontic problems as children but were unable to correct them until now. Others, who had treatment as children, may need further treatment as adults due to relapse or limitations in initial treatment.

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It is always a fun trip
Johnathan Nance
Always a great experience with Dr. K!!
Jennifer Nance
i love it here! the employees make it so fun, and they are very kind. i love being in treatment here!!
jasi hodgin
We have been very happy with Embrace Orthodontics. Dr. K and all her staff are great, they explain everything very well and have helped my child feel... comfortable and less anxious about the dental treatments needed. Would recommended them to anyone!read more
Felicia Criddle
The staff is very kind and courtesy, especiallyTT! We really enjoy our visits here!
Vincent Smith
Embrace Orthopedics is a great. I love it all the staff are so attending to us. I love the environment as soon you come in to the front desk, and... you feel comfortable to be in their hands. All the staff here are great and my sons teeth look ten times better than before this place is great would recommend. TT is a great nurse she is so helpful and explains everything she is doing. Everything she can do for my sons teeth.read more
Paola Reina
Great staff and clinic!
Tamara Upton
Great place for 11 year old boy. He’s difficult when it comes to these things and they are so trusting and explain everything to him which helps me... so much. They work with you in everything financially/insurance and make everything easy.read more
They're straightening my teeth
Mac Five
Loving my results
Emily Young
This place takes such good care of me and my teeth! I always leave happy!
Addi pounds
Both of my daughters have received treatment at Embrace Orthodontics and the results have been excellent!
Rachel may
My daughter has been coming to Embrace Orthodontics for her braces the past 2 yrs. They have always been fantastic and very friendly! Dr. K is the... best!!Highly recommend!!read more
I like turtles
Silas Spitzer
Great office, nice staff, quick service. Happy to be here
David Gregory
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